• Moreco MORECO White Book and Declaration

    MORECO White Book presents a transferable governance strategy as guideline for policy makers, spatial planners, housing and transport stakeholders, derived from MORECO methodology and its evaluation. It contains all transferable outputs and acknowledgements of the project, including recommendations and tool description for experts and technicians.
    In this sense, what you find in this section are the synthesis outputs that constitute a shared set of contents addressed to local, regional and European elected representatives, municipalities and regions (spatial planners, housing and transport actors) and that constitute the basis for the MORECO common declaration, signed by political representatives coming from all the MORECO regions.

    • Project and Methodology

    • Governance Observations

    • Lessons learnt

    • Tools for Households

    • Tools for Planners and Mobility Experts

    • Tools for Policy Makers

    • Pilot Region Bezirk Salzburg Umgebung (AT)

    • Pilot Region MVV area München (DE)

    • Index cards Pilot Region Corridor Alpine Geneve - Valence (FR)

    • Index cards Pilot Region Jugovzhodna Slovenija statistical region (SI)

    • Index cards Pilot Region Belluno (IT)

    • Index cards Pilot Region Mantova (IT)

    • Index cards Pilot Region Comunità Montana del Pinerolese (IT)

    • MORECO declaration

  • Moreco Practical Tool Implementations

    One of the main results of MORECO, surely the most visible in the territory, is represented by the tools that were developed locally in the pilot areas. The tools are based on a common framework and differ according to the identified target groups: house hunting households, planners + mobility actors, political actors. These innovative tools are an important components of the MORECO governance approach and ensure reliable information and high transparency of long-term MObility + Residential COsts, supporting the actors in their decision-making processes.

    • Tools for Households

      • Guideline Tool for Households

      • MORECO Tool for Households , EXCEL-version

      • Household Calulator Salzburg

        MORECO Haushaltrechner Salzburg

      • Checklist: My own four walls

        Checkliste: Meine eigenen 4 Wände

      • Webgis Salzburg: Housing location quality

        SAGISonline Facheinstieg Wohnstandortqualität

      • MOBICOST Rhône-Alpes

      • MOBICOST stakeholder interviews Rhône-Alpes

      • Household Calulator Slovenia

        Orodje za gospodinjstva

      • Household Calulator Belluno

        Mobicost Belluno

      • Tool for families Belluno

        Familybudge Belluno

      • Mobile App Belluno

      • Torino transport website

        Ricerca tariffe integrate

      • Stress Tests and Storylines München

        Künftige Wohn-und Mobilitätskosten

      • Storylines Salzburg

        Simulation von Wohn-und Mobilitätskosten

    • Tools for Planners and mobility experts

      • Guideline Tools for Planners and Mobility Stakeholders

      • Settlement Assessment Salzburg

        MORECO Siedlungsrechner

      • Settlement Assessment Rhône-Alpes

        MORECO Distancier

      • Pilot site Synthesis Rhône-Alpes

        Synthèse des fiches d'enjeux des sites pilotes

      • Settlement Assessment Slovenia

        Orodje za presojo stanovanjskih

      • Tool for Decision Makers and Planners Belluno

        Tool decisori Belluno

      • Survey for families about mobility behavior Belluno

        Questionario famiglie sui comportamenti per la mobilità Belluno

      • Settlement Assessment Mantova

        Strumento di valutazione degli insediamenti

      • WebGIS Mantova

        P.C.T.P mappa

      • Tool for planners Mantova

        Mantova Strumento MORECO per Pianificatori e Attori della Mobilità

        • Annexes


    • Tools for policy makers and training

      • Guideline Tool for Policy Makers

      • MORECO Slide Pool

        • 00 Instructions

        • 01 MORECO Project

        • 02 Facts, Background, Trends

        • 03 Impact on Stakeholders

        • 04 Good Practice and Opportunities

        • 05 Tools for Households

        • 06 Tools for Planners and Mobility Stakeholders

      • Analysis of spatial and transport planning decision making processes analysis

      • MORECO Governance Study

      • Guidance München

        Handlungsempfehlungen für öffentliche Akteure

      • Meetings for decision makers and planners - Belluno

        Divulgazione e formazione dei tool - Belluno

      • Guideline MORECO project Mantova

        Linee guida

      • Slide pool Mantova

  • Moreco Analysis and Expert Exchange

    The first results of Moreco project evolved from the analysis performed as a basis for the project’s implementation. The analysis is focused on integrated, innovative, multidisciplinary planning approaches, and allows the partnership to share a common understanding of decision making processes concerning residential site decisions and mobility decisions, identifying chances how to influence them by cost information and governance processes.

    • SWOT Analysis: Settlement and Mobility / Laws and Policies

    • SWOT Appendix 1 – Factsheets

    • SWOT Appendix 2 – Motivation of Residential Site and Mobility Mode Decisions

    • Good Practice Collection of Multidisciplinary Approaches

    • Good Practice Collection of Tools

    • Winter School Report

    • Conference Report – Impacts on Urban Development Costs

  • Moreco Methodology and Tool-Frameworks

    The common transnational methodology of the MORECO project was defined after the first phase of analysis. It led project and network partners through the MORECO project. Action Plans were defined and evaluated, frameworks (implementation structures) for three groups of tools were developed. These Frameworks were used as a basis for the implementation of pilot projects.

    • Methodology

    • Evaluation

      • Ex-ante Evaluation

      • Action Plans

    • Framework ''MORECO Tool for Households''

    • Frameworks ''MORECO Tools for Planners and Mobility Actors''

    • A Regional Analysis

      • Maps

    • B Settlement Assessment

    • C Mobility Planning

    • Framework ''MORECO Tool for Policy-Makers''

      • Annex 1 (Slide-pool overview)

    • Ex-Post Evaluation of MORECO Pilot Activities

  • Moreco Press and Illustrative Material

    The communication is fundamental in a project as MORECO, that has as one of the main objectives the goal of fostering sustainable mobility among different stakeholders: decision makers, house hunting households, policy makers, practitioners. To reach the highest number of interested targets, the partners realized and diffused magazines, videos, comics, leaflets, activities in the schools and many other dissemination materials.

    • Comics Salzburg

    • Magazine Belluno

      MO.RE.CO. Informazione

    • Magazine Belluno 2

      MO.RE.CO. Informazione 2

    • Magazin PIEMONTI

    • TV-report

      ORF: Was kostet das Wohnen im Grünen wirklich?

    • Colouring book


    • Cost Calculator Postcard Munich

      Wohn- und Mobilitätsrechner Infokarte

    • Munich video "Saving is fun"

      Video: Sparen mach Spaß

    • Project for schools Belluno

      Progetto scuole

    • Project leaflet

  • Moreco Partner's MORECO websites

    One of the main sources of promotion of the tools are the local or national websites that give information in different national languages mainly about the implemented activities and tools in the pilot areas.

    • SIR / ISPACE

    • Stadt München

    • Imove

    • Region Rhone Alpes

    • Provincia di Belluno

    • Provincia di Mantova

    • UIRS


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